Thursday, February 13, 2014

BCGG Favourite Garden Moments of 2013


It's almost time to make plans for spring, and maybe start a few seeds!  Just for fun (and perhaps a little inspiration), here are a few of the Brentwood Community Gardening Group's favourite garden moments of 2013! 

“We are still enjoying the yummy purple carrots we grew this summer in the garden! Visitors to our house have remarked at how they 'taste so different from carrots you buy in the store'.”

    "The delighted look of excitement on a 5 year old visitor at the garden when I gave him a bunch of teeny weensy carrots thinned from my rows of carrots.  He told his mom.. 'this is my lucky day!!' "

  “The heavenly scent of the alyssum and sweet peas that on warm afternoons drifted across the garden….”

 “I loved watching the bees buzz around my borage flowers all summer long.  And I enjoyed making pickles with some of the zucchini and onions I grew.” 

Don't forget to check our 2014 Events page and the sidebar for all of the important dates for the upcoming season.  If you are interested in renting a garden bed, please contact our Membership Coordinator Cheryl Moller (via the Contacts page).  Deadlines for applications are coming up quickly! 

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