Monday, June 7, 2010

Notice for Gardeners

Thanks to all the volunteer support this past Saturday the beds are ready for planting! The beds are now numbered and please reference your contract for your bed #.

We understand there is not yet convenient access to water and be assured it is in progress and should have this within a week! (For now we are filling up our watering cans from the water access at the front of the dance hall)

The garden will continue to evolve throughout the summer and we will see rain barrels and composting bins set up, as well as a secure place for us to leave a few gardening tools, etc. There will be a gardening bulletin board placed somewhere and activities planned so stay tuned.

If you have suggestions you can let Sue or Penny know and we will take them to the committee meetings. We also welcome newcomers to all of our meetings held monthly so don't be shy... come out and get to know us.

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