Saturday, May 22, 2010

Build Days Schedule

Prior to Tuesday, May 25th
•Rudy & son to mark out and stake the Garden Area
•Rudy to order lumber and hardware to be delivered to site for Tuesday, May 25th
•Jocelyn to buy largest tarps from Princess Auto to put commodities on

Wednesday, May 26th, approximately 5:00-7:00pm
•Bill (403 282 1880) to arrange for Phoenix Fencing to put in fence posts
•Need volunteers to assist in order to follow rules for grant: Contact Bill if you can help
-Assist in mixing cement
-Filling the postholes
-Setting the posts
•Jocelyn (403-463-0620 or and Sue to lay landscape fabric and tarps for commodities.
•Volunteers needed to help: Contact Jocelyn if you can help
•Volunteers needed to lay landscape ties and secure in ground: Contact Jocelyn if you can help

Thursday, May 27th
•Sue to oversee Delivery of commodities (mulch, compost, soil, pit run gravel) from City Parks
-Have gravel dumped in middle of garden for easier spreading
-Other commodities to be dumped on tarps

Friday, May 28th
•Logan from Bluegrass Ltd. using his Bobcat to spread gravel over entire site except 4 foot perimeter for in ground beds.

Saturday, May 29th – BUILD DAY #1 – 8:30 AM to 4 PM: Year One Build = 16 beds
•Rudy (403-289-8918), Alan & Peter to oversee building of raised beds
•Volunteers needed to help; contact Rudy or show up at site
•PLEASE BRING CHARGED cordless drills, chargers, sledge hammers, shovels, rakes, level, crowbar, tape measure if you have them; Please LABEL THEM WITH YOUR NAME
•Sue to arrange Logan from Bluegrass Ltd. to fill raised beds with washed rock, soil, compost using Bobcat.
•Deb & Kathy to arrange refreshments
-Joc (403-463-0620 or to bring bbq; Kathy & Rudy (403-289-8918) can supply another if needed
•Everyone: Clean up site and secure tools for night

Sunday, May 30th – BUILD DAY #2 – 8:30 AM to 4 PM
•Complete raised beds
•Arrange tool storage/Install message boards
•Alan to supervise: Build securable commodity storage unit
•Everyone: Clean site and secure tools

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