Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Library Display

Thanks to Kirsten and Doug from BCGG and Ann from the Library  we are
able to put up a display at the Nosehill library this Fri., Sat &
Sun. (March 5,6 &7)

The purpose of the display is to show community members what progress
has been made towards making the garden a reality. An landscape architects
conception of two different plans will be part of this display.

Neighborhood residents will have the opportunity to provide their
input. They will also have the opportunity to volunteer for our
planning group and/or indicate if they are interested in gardening. A
sign up sheet will be available at the information desk t to protect people's
privacy. There will not be any pressure to do either so please come
and see the display.

We are trying to coordinate some "smiling extroverts" willing to man
the display with some "quieter introverts" for two hour shifts. The
available hours are Fri Noon to 5, Sat 10 to 5 and Sun Noon to 5.

Contact Sue at suedrader@shaw.ca if you can help.

Since this opportunity came up so suddenly we were unable to advertise
it in The Bugle. It would be of great service to us if you could
forward this to your neighbours and friends in Brentwood and ask them
to do the same.

Many thanks!

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